Only 80 years since the war started, Americans realized the fear of communism.

Japan has been fighting communism since before the war.
In order to prevent the southward movement of Russian communism, he founded Manchuria, made it a breakwater, and participated in the battle to prevent communism in China.
However, the United States at the time emphasized Russia’s Communist opinion, invited more than 130 people to the White House, and said that Japan was doing bad things on the Eurasian continent, despite being endorsed by the United Nations. , Has done all sorts of harassment against Japan.

In the United States at that time, Japan, which was arming to fight communism, was more fearful and worse than the fear of communism.
The minimum requirement for Japan to fight communism was to secure oil. Therefore, Comintern, the United States, and China have aimed there first. Japan strongly opposes this. I repeatedly asked for dialogue with the United States, but I could not fulfill it, and it led to the war from Pearl Harbor.

The victory of the United States and the Soviet Union over Japan has led to the spread of Soviet communism and the communization of China.
Then, as the American GHQ withdrew from Japan, education, mass media, government offices, etc. were robbed by the Korean and Chinese forces. The Japanese power in Japan will decline, and communists and anti-Japanese groups will have a great influence on the political and educational world.
The Japanese were already dead. The spirituality of the Japanese was destroyed, the war was believed to have been an aggression, and the American one was brainwashed more and more.

As Japan’s military power declined, the United States had to fight communism on its own, and the world moved in earnest to the fight against democracy and communism.
The Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet economy.

But the second act of the communist nightmare era has already been opened by the nationally empowered China.
The Japanese, who have denied war and believed that being naked is the first step towards peace, have nothing to do.

It’s already a thing of the past. The Japanese like Americans and will not blame them.
However, I want you to be a little aware that the result of that choice in the past has led to the present situation, and one thing I would like to say is, “The war in Japan is a battle against communism. It was right. Now is the time to admit the mistake that the United States stopped importing oil into Japan and couldn’t fight, causing the Japan-US war. Without it, Japan would remain tied up all the time. I can’t move. I can’t even turn the Self-Defense Forces into an army, or even change the constitution that protects me. “

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