If Roosevelt had not participate to the WWⅡもし、ルーズベルト大統領が第二次世界大戦に参戦しなかったら

If President Franklin Roosevelt hadn’t war against Japan at  the WWⅡ, the Soviet Union can’t go south in the Far East, Chinese Communist party lost to Chinese Nationalist Party, as a result, Communism would had not spread in the world and USA would had not war in Korea and Vietnam. And Japan must have been stay the big wall against Communism in the Far East.

Comintern03But Japan failed the policy toward the United States, And Comintern and Chinese Communist party succeeded it.
So lots of people died in China and Cambodia after the war, and Japan weakened by brainwashing.
Result is all.

As a practical matter, a man killed a lot of people is Mao Tsetung or Pol Pot, but he Roosevelt helped for the matters.
Though there is not “if” in history, but if he had chosen a shortest way for human and he didn’t obey the Chinese Communist party, many useless wars didn’t break out and it must have been no almost enormous deaths and pains.





ルーズベルト時代のコミンテルン… Comintern dragg…


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